I was extremely blessed to have a mother who gave me unconditional love and acceptance on all levels. During my mom’s 13 month journey with cancer, I witnessed firsthand how the power of unconditional love and the human touch could transform someone’s belief in themselves and allow them to remember that they are worthy of love and being loved.  Faye’s Light provides a space for others to experience the power of what I was given so freely, and what I believe everyone deserves to experience.

In 2005 Faye’s Light was born; an organization that provides spa services and holistic therapies focused on mind, body and spirit, to men and women who are undergoing active treatment for cancer.  All services are provided at no cost to the recipient. Since our inception in 2005 we have provided 17,000 free professional treatments. We are funded entirely by donations.

Once remission is reached, or a maintenance and/or preventative program is implemented, recipients are no longer eligible for our regular services. This does not apply to end of life maintenance care. In this situation we will provide treatments until the family no longer needs our services. 

Also, if surgery is required and chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy  are not necessary, we will still offer pre and post-surgery treatments. If you have questions about eligibility, or about Faye’s Light in general, please call Vicky at 708-431-3643.

Important News about Faye's Light