VIcky and her mother Faye.

VIcky and her mother Faye.

The Faye's Light Story:

About Vicky Weis and the Start of Faye's Light

I was extremely blessed to have a mother who gave me unconditional love and acceptance on all levels. During my mom’s 13 month journey with cancer, I witnessed firsthand how the power of unconditional love and the human touch could transform someone’s belief in themselves and allow them to remember that they are worthy of love and being loved.  Faye’s Light provides a space for others to experience the power of what I was given so freely, and what I believe everyone deserves to experience.

In 1995 my mother, Faye, lost her battle with lung cancer. She was my best friend. She loved when I would give her a back massage and rub her feet, or when I painted her nails. She was able to relax and feel more attractive, and she definitely felt loved. During this time I witnessed so many people taking this journey virtually alone, and it broke my heart. I found that they (like my mother) experienced feelings of isolation and feeling unattractive. After my mom passed I knew I wanted to do something to honor her and her experience. Watching the amazing courage, grace, and love that she emanated every day during those 13 months changed my life.

My background in the wellness, fitness, and beauty industries contributed to the idea of creating a spa for cancer patients. It was very important to me that everything we offered our guests was provided to them free of charge, expecting nothing in return. It was to be a gift to them; the gift of unconditional love.  In 2005 Faye’s Light was born.  

What is Faye's Light?

We are a 501 (c) 3, not-for-profit organization that provides spa services and holistic therapies to men and women who are undergoing active treatment for cancer, and all are provided at no cost to the recipient. Since our inception in 2005 we have provided more than 13,000 free professional treatments. We are funded entirely by donations.

Faye's Light benefits the patient in mind, body, and spirit. A wonderful sense of community is formed among our guests as they wait for their next spa service. They share their journeys, allowing us to better understand what they are going through. They benefit from having the opportunity to share their stories with others going through similar experiences. For some, this is their only interaction with people not directly involved with their treatment/disease. The services provided by Faye's Light professionals allow truly deserving individuals an escape from the fear and anxiety of their disease – if only for an hour or two every week.

The concept of Faye's Light is just breaking the veil into human consciousness. There is evidence of it all over (small spas and even bigger salons are offering services already), as it begins to break through the shift in awareness that we are here to support each other.

My mission now is to share our concept on a global level with those who have the ability and desire to make a difference; spas, hospitals, cancer support centers, and individuals who resonate with the Faye’s Light belief.  I want to show others how they can modify what we do to fit what works best for them, whether it is one day a month, one day a week, five days a week, or one day a year to participate in the Earthlite/Faye’s Light day. We will provide our blueprint and they will brand it as their own, utilizing their own resources to make it their own, which will allow them to truly empower their communities and all involved.

To begin building the awareness of our concept, we are planning a “Faye’s Light Day” (name TBD); a chosen day to get as many spas as we can to commit to opening their doors for 4-6 hours and offer free services to the men and women in their communities who are in treatment for cancer, as well as their caregivers.

Benefits to EarthLite

I believe EarthLite is a perfect partner for Faye’s Light to propel our message to the Spa Industry and beyond. Together we can empower communities around the world, teaching them how to modify our program to what works best for them; be one day a month, or five days a week, or participating in the EarthLite/Faye’s Light event one day a year.

  • I believe EarthLite would be unique in its commitment to bring forth this philanthropic message on this level; We are here to support each other through unconditional love.
  • Because of the message, I believe it would be easy to gain national attention to our partnership.
  • EarthLite is already a highly respected company. This would only add to client and community loyalty as more become aware of the EarthLite name and commitment to expanding your vision.
  • Hospitals and medical offices are perfect host sites to offer Faye’s Light type services, bringing added awareness to EarthLite and its products.
  • You will be on the leading edge of helping to shift/raise the vibration of the planet, leaving an even bigger/softer footprint than you already do.


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