VIcky and her mother Faye.

VIcky and her mother Faye.

The Faye's Light Story:

About Vicky Weis and the Start of Faye's Light

I’m the Founder and Director of Faye’s Light, a non-profit organization that I created 8-1/2 years ago in honor of my mother Faye. Faye’s Light provides spa services and other holistic therapies to men and women in active treatment for cancer, and all services are provided free of charge.

My mom passed away after her 13 month journey with lung, brain, and liver cancer. During that time I had the opportunity to observe the dynamics of many other people, and their families, dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

I watched as many of them sat alone in their chemo and radiation treatments, and I witnessed that for many of them, the only human touch they were receiving was when a needle or tube was being inserted into them.  

I know my mom was responding to the loving time we spent together; I would massage her hands and feet, and paint her nails. She loved a back rub and a scalp massage. She would melt into the touch. She felt better about her appearance and definitely felt loved. 

After my mom passed away I wanted to honor her journey in some way. My background in the wellness, fitness, and beauty industries contributed to the idea of creating a spa for cancer patients. It was very important to me that everything we offered our guests was provided to them free of charge, expecting nothing in return. It was to be a gift to them; to show them they were thought of and loved during this trying time in their lives.

What is Faye's Light?

In 2005 Faye’s Light was born. We offer massage, facials, manicures, pedicures, Reiki, guided meditation, hypnosis, restorative sound therapy, and art. Our guests are eligible to come weekly for a service during their active treatment, or while the cancer is active.

Faye’s Light is more than a spa for cancer patients. The patients and their families benefit tremendously, but our staff will tell you that they get way more out of it than our recipients. It is life-changing on all levels; mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

The concept of Faye's Light is just breaking the veil into human consciousness. There is evidence of it all over (small spas and even bigger salons are offering services already), as it begins to break through the shift in awareness that we are here to support each other. 

Benefits to Intraceuticals

Intraceuticals is the perfect partner for Faye’s Light to help propel our message. I don’t know of any other organization doing what Faye’s Light does, to the extent we do. Together we can empower communities around the world, helping them to understand the benefit of giving without expecting anything in return. We can teach them how to modify our program to fit what works best for them; be it an Intraceuticals/Faye’s Light Day just one day a year, one day a month, or five days a week. 

  • I believe Intraceuticals would be the first major company bringing forth this philanthropic message on this level
  • Because of the message, I think it would be easy to gain national attention to our partnership
  • Intraceuticals would gain community loyalty around the world
  • Hospitals and medical offices are perfect host sites to offer Faye’s Light type of services, bringing their awareness to Intraceuticals and its products
  • You will be on the leading edge of helping to shift/raise the vibration of the planet


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