November/December 2014

Fall and Winter Greetings!

I hope you enjoyed the beautiful fall colors and weather we were blessed with, albeit all too short. I’m looking out my window at the blanket of yellow-gold leaves covering the back yard. They are so beautiful and I’m enjoying this while I can. I admit that I love the first weeks of cooler weather. It feels so good to put on the heavy sweaters and scarfs and walk in the fresh, crisp air… build fires, make hearty soups and stews, and snuggle in to watch a good movie. And I love the feeling that’s in the air all of December. It’s magical. Now’s a great time to reflect back on all of the gifts summer brought us and to be grateful for the bounty that is being harvested now.  As the hours of daylight become progressively shorter, look forward to going within more as we allow ourselves to rest and reflect back on this past year, and start looking forward to new opportunities going forward.

This will be the last newsletter until the beginning of 2015. I’ve included a couple of my favorite cold weather dishes, both from the Food Network; Baked Beans with Swiss Chard and Roasted Tomatoes with Garlic, Gorgonzola, and Herbs. Both are healthy, versatile, and easy to prepare.

I wish you all a joyous Chanukah, Christmas, and Celebration of Life, and a new year filled with unconditional love, health, abundance in all things you want, and much happiness.