VIcky and her mother Faye.

VIcky and her mother Faye.

The Faye's Light Story:

My mother, Faye, died of lung, brain, and liver cancer in 1995. During her 13-month journey, I had the privilege of being her primary caretaker. I have never forgotten how much she loved it when I would polish her nails and massage her hands and feet. She was able to relax and feel more attractive, and definitely felt loved. As I observed other patients going through treatment, I found that they (like my mother) experienced feelings of isolation and feeling unattractive. Loved ones and caretakers, often dealing with feelings of fear and confusion themselves, aren’t always able to help alleviate those problems.

Faye's Light benefits the patient in mind, body, and spirit. A wonderful sense of community is formed among the patients as they wait for their next spa service. They share their journeys, allowing us the opportunity to better understand what they are going through. They benefit from having the opportunity to share their stories with others going through similar experiences. For some, this is their only interaction with people not directly involved with their treatment/disease. The services provided by Faye's Light professionals allow truly deserving individuals an escape from the fear and anxiety of their disease – if only for an hour or two every week.

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Board of Directors

Vicky Weis- Founder, Executive Director

Dr. Sandy Allen- Chiropractic Physician

Linda Courts, R.N. 

Nancy Kaminski- Special Events Coordinator


Advisory Board

Duane Kaminski- ASC Industries, East Hazel Crest, IL

Christine Okelman- Homewood Disposal, Homewood, IL

Tracie Ridder Wertz- a la mode partners, Chicago, IL