"Faye's Light has been a lifesaver for me. It gets me out of bed. I've enjoyed all of the services I've had here. The volunteers and other patients have been supportive and great for networking."  

- Maureen D.

"I feel awesome after my first session with guided meditation and I know the staff here are doing an awesome job. I am sure that all things come together for the good, and Faye's Light is very good. I am looking forward to my next appointment next week." 

- Tammy S.

"Another ovarian cancer patient recommended Faye's Light. The pampering makes patients feel so calm. During the weeks I was having Reiki and massage, CA#125 dropped 20 points. The treatments give you the energy to fight this disease!" - Marilyn E.

"Faye's Light has been especially helpful with my extreme fatigue level as a result of my treatments. Also, it's been nice to have appointments that don't involved doctors." - Felicia M.

"I am a very conservative 'man's man' type individual. Consequently, the facial and meditation had limited effect. Reiki, however, is one hour of wonderment. One hour to relax for myself and receive energy from very giving people. Please continue this mission and I will continue to provide transportation to those who need it when my treatments are over." -Michael D.

"I think Faye's Light is one of the best things that has happened to me since I found out I had breast cancer. You feel like you are alone, but you know you are not. When you come to Faye's Light you are welcomed like you are part of the family, and you feel like that too. You feel like you are at home.The people, the surroundings, the treatments, the staff make you feel good, even if you are not feeling good when you come there. What they offer and give you, you would have to pay a lot of money for these services somewhere else. God bless Faye's Light." - Gloria W.

"Faye's Light is a wonderful experience... Being here lets you forget all the nausea, pain, tiredness and lack of self-confidence. As you're having your massage, facial or Reiki experience, you can put yourself in a different place, at least for a little while. It gives you your self-worth and self respect back, at least for a little while. There should be more people like Vicky and all the wonderful people here who volunteer their time to help cancer patients cope during these difficult times. There is nothing better than a massage to make your worries go away. Thank you, thank you very much." - KA

"I've been under a lot of emotional stress and had a few physical problems. These treatments calmed me and brought me back to calm and centering on myself. The healing benefits of Reiki are wonderful." - Deborah B.

"Faye's Light is a place of relaxation. The mood is wonderful. The staff are friendly and informative. You can let your hair down (joke) and be yourself here. We need a place like this. In fact, there need to be more places like this. Let's face it, after you have been cut on (surgery) and gone through chemotherapy and radiation treatments, you need somewhere to go to be yourself and take off your wig. Cancer is stress. At Faye's Light we can destress and relax." -Myrtis B.

"Faye's Light has been a huge benefit to my well-being during these difficult times of treatment and dealing with treatment side effects. Not being able to take care of my feet was especially difficult until I received the pedicure treatment. Bending over has been a strain for my back and legs, so having the pedicures was a huge benefit. Exploring massage therapy led me to explore deep tissue massage, which helped enormously to enable me to restore leg function." - June A.

"When I go to Faye's Light I am excited to go. It gives me something to look forward, unlike my cancer treatments. The stress from the week seems always to go after I go to Faye's Light. I think that is meaningful as stress can add to your frame of mind as well as to your frame of body. I truly do go home feeling much better and less stressed. This program is a huge blessing to me and I am quite sure it is to others also." - Jan H.

"I feel I have something so spiritual and comforting to look forward to. Also, something with good people with ideas and encouragement. The volunteers were so helpful and easy to talk with. The facial was beauiful. Made me feel good all over. Thank you." - Elaine G.

"I have never felt so relieved of stress and anxiety until coming here. I am at peace as soon as I come in the front door. Thank you for giving me a place to come to, to relax, and be me."                                                                                                                                                          - Robin T.

"Awesome! I am so grateful to have a place like Faye's Light to come to." - Lisa B.