The Faye's Light Dragonfly

Our beautiful dragonfly logo was created by two wonderfully talented artist friends of mine, Joan Clark and Beth Budesheim. Beth and Joan had volunteered to design, and gift me, the logo for Faye's Light. One evening Joan had a dream that my mother, Faye, came to her and presented the image of dragonfly. She told Joan that she wanted it to have rainbow colors, that shined forth, because "within everything there is a rainbow lining of seeing and feeling with the heart that which is not visible with the eye."

"The dragonfly represents the hidden magic...the miracle that lies within all things. The ability to let go of illusion, and know that all is well, all is taken care of and will be revealed. That through the power of love, of giving to another, one is filled with hope, faith, and trust that they are not alone. That there are invisible forces working for and with them. That a miracle is waiting for them, even if it can not be seen with the visible eye. That the power of touch and love can heal and mend the most beautiful ways. Touch allows the colors of the aura to come back in, and allows the healing process to unfold in new and beautiful ways." ~ Joan Clark

Isn't that beautiful? That is Faye's Light. Thank you Joan and Beth, with all my heart.

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