Beth Austin- Esthetician

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In addition to a BA from Purdue University, I am a student with 200 continuing education hours at the International Dermal Institute with over 20 years of experience. My expertise includes working in the spa industry, with both a dermatologist and plastic surgeon, and in retail as an educator in skin care. My deepest passion is my volunteer work with cancer patients as a licensed oncology esthetician. I have been a volunteer with Faye's Light since 2006.

Olga Batrich- Esthetician


Olga entered the spa world in 1996 where her passion for the wellness industry eventually led her to become both a massage therapist and esthetician. Her holistic approach to skin care and massage was crafted after her travel experiences exposed her to the healthy traditions of other countries. Olga firmly believes that a healthy mind creates a happy, healthy life and is dedicated to helping each guest find the perfect mind-body balance. Olga currently is a Midwest Account Manager with premier skin brand Intraceuticals. She has continued to keep her licenses active as both an esthetician and massage therapist. Olga has been volunteering her services at Faye's Light for almost two years on the 1st Thursday of every month.  You may contact Olga at

Amy Bernal-Byers- Massage Therapist


My name is Amy Bernal-Byers, I'm a licensed Massage Therapist and am blessed to be a member of the Faye's Light family for 3 years. I've seen cancer from different aspects of my life, from being a CNA, to losing my father-in-law, to now being a Massage Therapist. Seeing and feeling the power of touch in what I do is beyond anything I've ever experienced. I am honored to be able to give those in need hope, faith, compassion and love. I own my business, Classic Hands Massage & Bodywork, in Gardner, IL. and also work at Shantel's Day Spa in Morris, IL. You may contact me (815) 341-7599 or

Patricial Caldwell- Restorative Sound Therapy

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In the mid 1990's I began to immerse myself in a variety of healing modalities and in the midst of all these I was introduced to the Tibetan (Himalayan) Singing Bowls...and I fell in love with them! Over the past 15 years I've studied with Masters of energetic and sound healing modalities from the US, Peru, England, Egypt, Nepal and New Zealand. The method I use today with the Bowls is a method of my studies, my experiences and Divine Inspiration. I've been offering services at Faye's Light for the past 7 years.

Renee Garrick- Reiki/Energy Work


Hello Everyone! My name is Renee Garrick and it has been an absolute joy to support Faye's Light for the past three years! I truly can affirm that I receive far more than I give. Gratitude and oneness of humanity are feelings that come to my mind and heart! While I primarily provide Reiki at Faye's Light I have an extensive background in multiple holistic wellness modalities and transpersonal development techniques in my private practice at Insight Awareness, in Homewood, IL. Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, Breath Therapy, and Entura Art (soul portraits) are a few of my services available for children to adults...individually and in workshops. You are welcome to contact me at:; 708-288-4012 or visit my website for more information-

Marilyn Kopacz- Massage Therapist


I graduated from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy in 1998, and I've been working as a professional massage therapist ever since.

I am a cancer survivor, and I love doing volunteer work at Faye's Light. I do a relaxation, chakra-balancing massage which balances the endocrine system. This helps the patients to deal with chemotherapy treatments and pain, and gives them more energy. I can be reached at (708) 705-4747, and welcome your calls.

Patricia Fares-O'Malley, PhD- Guided Meditation/Hypnosis

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Patricia Fares-O'Malley, PhD is a psychotherapist, teacher, hypnotherapist, and stress and grief management specialist. She has been in private practice for over 30 years and has travelled internationally as a speaker, presenter and  workshop facilitator.

Pat has dedicated the last 20 years to working with people who are suffering from illness of all kinds; body, mind and spirit - using modalities such as guided imagery, EFT, stress management and various other techniques for symptom management. She volunteers at Faye's Light providing support and relief to patients who are undergoing treatment for Cancer.

She has developed a thriving hypnotherapy practice to help clients heal through the power of mind. She teaches meditation, guided imagery and hypnosis classes and offers personal growth seminars and workshops.

Pat is a published author, writer and is the creator of the audio CD series "The Power Within" which is also acclaimed and distributed worldwide.

Valerie Weilmuenster- Massage Therapist, Reiki, Healing Touch & Reflexology


Valerie has 10 years of experience in Therapeutic Massage, Positional release, Reiki, Healing Touch level 2, Reflexology and Vibrational healing using Tuning Forks. Valerie has extensive training in easing the pain of joint restriction and tight muscles and enjoys working with clients to formulate a plan that will offer the best benefit to address their particular concerns. By using various modalities in combination, she is able to nurture her clients to a new understanding of their body, help gain mobility, and ease pain cycles.

She has volunteered for Faye's Light for 7 years and is grateful to have the opportunity to ease the effects of cancer by offering bodywork and healing to others.

Her wish is that everyone may experience God's love and peace through the healing power of touch.